November 22, 2017

Hi TLC Family!


What an exciting time for the TLC Family! There has been a lot of work going on to help secure the financing, and financial support to provide the opportunity for TLC to move towards a new facility. After several months of working with The Solomon Foundation, refining building plans, and negotiating contracts, we have closed the loan for constructing the TLC Worship Center on Eastwood Road!


We are moving forward with the project and working with Freddy Kay to have him start the construction as soon as possible. Freddy is in great demand in the Christian community because of his Ministry to help churches like TLC build updated facilities at his cost, so working TLC into his busy schedule will be something to pray about. God has set the stage for his timing during the life of TLC and we don’t see Him holding back now.


We would like to step back for just a moment to reflect on why we are moving forward with this project. In all of the excitement, it would be easy to become entangled in the hype around the building itself, that in some way the “Building” is the goal. That is the farthest thing from leaderships vision. TLC leadership has said multiple times during the information meetings and home visits that we believe God has intended TLC to use the new Worship Center to minister to the surrounding communities in ways that will point to His glory. The “Building” is merely a tool that God has provided the TLC Family to use for His glory. The excitement comes when we see the facility being used as not just a place to gather and worship but to also provide help for the hurting, resources for the confused and needy, refuge for those that are tired, and a safe place to hold activities for children and adults. We can see this building as a place that the community would use during the week to enjoy some coffee and a good book or study for their next personal development class.


Yes, we believe that the sky is the limit for ways that this facility will be used to support the community. We are challenging the TLC Family to send us your creative ideas of different ways to use the new facility to add value to our neighbors. We encourage you to send them via email or write your ideas down and hand them to one of the leaders. Remember the work that can be accomplished in God’s name is the end goal.


Keep on praying and hold on for the ride, God is in our construction zone!


November 17, 2017

As elders we have been working through,” Values-Driven Leadership”, by Aubrey Malphurs.

While going through the book, we felt it necessary to review TLC’s Core Values to see if they are true to whom we are as a family and, are the Core Values driving our ministry direction. During our discussions it has become clear that sharpening the focus of TLC’s Core Values is an exciting step in sharpening the focus of TLC ministry decisions. When ministry teams make decisions based on common values, the team becomes more effective in their ministry labors. When ministry teams make decisions based on common values, not only will we understand why we do what we do, our neighbors outside the TLC family will better understand who we are and why we do what we do.

The following are some quotes from, ” Values-Driven Leadership”:

“Core Values are the qualities that make up and establish an organization’s character. “

“Core Values affect the entire strategic-planning process.”

“Core Values answer the question, why do we do what we do.”

Core values give better definition to our strategy connecting people with God, connecting people with people, connecting people with community.


TLC Leaders Connect


Welcome to the new TLC leadership can better communicate
updates of spiritual and physical projects we are working on. We
have had requests from our TLC family for more communication
from TLC Leadership and we feel that this blog will be a step towards
better communication from TLC leadership. We feel that this blog
will be a benefit for the TLC family and leadership, and we will try to
update the blog frequently.

Our first topic is connection, notice this word is in the title of the
blog, and you may have also noticed the word connect in the Capital
Campaign Teams, projects. The reference to “connect” ties in with
the TLC logo. When looking at the TLC logo, you will notice that there
are 3 “c’s” surrounding a leaf. These three “c’s” are not there by
accident. The three “c’s” are there intentionally because they
represent TLC’s strategy for reaching our vision, 1) Connecting
People to God (Spiritual Father) 2) Connecting People to People
(Spiritual Family) 3) Connecting People to Community (Mission Field).

This year we will be encouraging you to visit our web page, for links to everything TLC.

If you want to reach leadership please e-mail

Leadership is excited about what God is doing at TLC and we will
continue to work on refining strategy and TLC core values as we keep
our eye on God’s vision for TLC, that “ We exist to lead people
along life’s journey into a growing relationship with Jesus

Check back weekly as we will begin to discuss the Building process
and our current progress on evaluating our Core Values.