Our Core Values are about ways to connect those who are lost with Jesus and grow Christ-followers into being more like Jesus.

Truth – We understand that the Bible presents to each individual a radical message of change. We don’t expect every individual who comes to TLC to know the Bible or wholly believe its message, but do hope that each individual is open to exploring it. We believe that the Bible is God’s inerrant truth. The Bible is the foundation of everything we are about at TLC.

Relevancy – The Bible was written to and often times for a people who lived thousands of years ago. Although it was written long ago its message is still relevant for us today. The challenge for us to present this message in an effective way to today’s culture without losing the truth of the message. We strive to use various relevant methods to communicate God’s truth.

Unity – The Church is filled with dissension and quarrels. As we read through the Bible we see that this saddens God’s heart. In fact, Jesus prayed that those who follow him would have unity amongst each other. We choose to cling to the essential beliefs of God’s Word while practicing liberty on those areas that allow different angles of belief.

Excellence – We do not believe in striving for unrealistic perfection. Excellence is seen in doing your best for God with what he has given to each individual. As a church we want to bring our best whether that means communicating God’s Word, music, holding babies, or teaching children. We believe that God desires us to maximize the gifts, talents, abilities, and callings he has given to each person.

Life Groups – Life Groups are a core vehicle that we use to help facilitate an individual’s faith maturing process. Life Groups are designed to be between 10-16 individuals in a community atmosphere studying God’s Word, living life together, and serving the community.

Involved in the Community – Our desire is to be active in the community that we are part of. We want to be involved in the schools, organizations, and those in need in our community. We will continually look for ways to become involved in the lives of the people around us.

Faith-filled Living – We want to be known as a church who steps out in faith to what God is calling us to do and be. While others live in fear and worry, we want to be walking in faith. We will take risks along our journey so that Jesus Christ will be made famous.

Evangelism – We know that this is a “typical church word”, but we don’t want it to be just another word used by a church. We desire to see the lost come to know Jesus Christ. We will look for opportunities to share what Jesus has done in our lives and what he desires to do in each person.