Life Groups

Life Groups are our weekly times when a smaller number of people get together to build community and study God’s Word together. If you are a regular attender or member at TLC we encourage you to get involved in a group. For questions about what group might be a good fit for you contact the church office at 937-444-3800.

Guppies and Minnows
Infants birth until they are potty trained will join us in the Guppy room where there will be adults and toys to keep them safe and entertained during the worship service.Once a child advances from the Guppy room they will join us in the Minnow room until age five or are in kindergarten. They will experience safe, age-appropriate environments where the Bible is taught in a creative and relevant way. Join the fun and experience a world where kids meet Jesus on their level!

B.I.G. F.I.S.H.
B.I.G. F.I.S.H. is True Life Christian Church’s children’s ministry for Kindergarten through Grade 5, offered during the weekend service. We are strong Believers In God and we are Faithful In Serving Him. We believe the best way to prepare kids for their future is to partner with parents. Why? Because developing kids to stand firm, and have faith that sticks depends on this partnership. We strongly encourage our parents to be involved in their child’s growth in their faith.

Parents can expect a place where their children will learn to believe in God. They will begin learning what it means to be a Christian. These important lessons are taught through a curriculum that encourages children to trust in what the Bible says and learn that the Bible says is truth. Our curriculum offers a guide for the children to use at home to help them grow in their relationship with God and with their families.

If you are interested in volunteering in the Elementary ministry or have any questions please contact Angie Mckibben at 513-479-1460 or at

The purpose of the Music Ministry at TLC is to allow our people to have a time of praise and worship through song. It is our hope that this time can be truly connecting with God on a intimate level individually and as the body of Christ. As a band we set out to be contemporary and upbeat. We want this time of worship to be celebratory and contemplative as we connect with God. Our hope is that you will free to express your heart through clapping, raising your hands, shouting, or even dancing.