We exist to lead people along life’s journey into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

No matter if you’re a person who is skeptical about Christ, a seeker who is searching for answers, a new Christian who is trying to figure out your place in God’s kingdom, or a fully devoted follower of Jesus there is another step in the journey. No matter where you are on this spectrum we want to lead you into taking that next step in following Jesus.

Strategy: We will grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ by creating opportunities to draw near to God, being open with one another about God and life, and serving the communities around us.

True Life has created programs and projects that provide people with opportunities to fulfill our vision. We hope that during our worship experience you will draw near to God through the music, prayer time, communion, and message. We desire for our Life Groups to create an atmosphere that allows people to be open with each other about God and life. Throughout the year we are trying to create opportunities for people to serve the communities around us. We hope that you’ll grow as you experience Christ in different ways.